About Mya

Born and raised in North Philadelphia, Mya K. Douglas, professionally known as Mya Kay, is an Amazon best-selling author, speaker and literary consultant. She was a semi-finalist for America’s Next Great Author, a reality show dedicated to giving writers a seat at the table. She has written and co-written several Christian/contemporary romance novels, including, The Storms of Love series, Love to the B Power, Love to the Baby Power, Fumbled Your Heart and A Star-Studded Love. Her devotional, The God Girl’s Guide to College Life, was #1 in new releases on Amazon during the week of its release. Girls Anthem is a full-service literary consulting firm that equips women with the tools they need to write their stories and build successful writing careers. Mya is also the creator and co-host of “The Writing Bar Podcast”, with Nailah Harvey, a new writing podcast that features tips and tools for writers who are looking for ways to monetize their writing and build a following without compromising their faith. You can learn more about her work at http://www.writermya.com. To read her complete bio, click here.

Storms of Love

Ellie Rae McNeal, a hair stylist and entrepreneur from Philadelphia, has been the head stylist on a Hollywood romantic comedy for the last four months.  And then, there’s Jeremiah Lewis, a charming businessman, with respect, finesse, and class. After Ellie accidentally dents his truck with her car door, their Philadelphia and Hollywood connection comes to the surface and Jeremiah lets Ellie off with a wink and a promise for lunch. What will Ellie do when Zoe and Jeremiah start to peel back layers of her childhood trauma just by providing the very thing she never had – unconditional love? Will Ellie lean into the way God answered her prayers for love or will she turn her blessings over to the voice of fear?

Battles of Love

It’s been three years since Ellie and Jeremiah got married. Zoe is now eight and things are going pretty good in the Lewis household, especially since Ellie just signed on for a new movie being filmed in Philadelphia. But the good times don’t last very long when Ellie’s old triggers start to resurface as Jeremiah spends more and more time away from home as a new children’s book author. Even Ellie’s relationship with her father, Destin, is getting better, while it seems her relationship with the two most important people in her life are getting worse. Will Ellie be able to run from temptation before she destroys everything she’s built? Will Jeremiah be able to say ‘no’ to his flesh in order to honor the woman who has made him a better man? And will Ellie be able to get Zoe the help she needs before she rejects Ellie completely?

In Loving Bliss

It’s been three months since Bliss and Montez broke up, but Montez knew that no matter what, he would fight for Bliss. Taking the job in California was his way of putting God to the test. If Bliss was meant for him, she’d come back to him someway somehow. Just when she thinks all is lost, Montez returns to Philly three days before Thanksgiving and asks her to let him prove his love. Starting on Thanksgiving Day, he challenges her to give him thirty days to sweep her off her feet and promises that by Christmas, she’ll have the best gift she’s ever received. Will Montez and Bliss be able to weather all the storms that’ll come in the next thirty days, or will they both realize that it’s just a little too late for their love? Find out in this final installment of the Storms of Love series.

Find a quiet place, use a humble pen.

Paul Simon

“Pen your pain before your pain pins you.”

Mya Kay