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With a passion to help people escape their trauma, Mya Kay has always loved penning stories that help people heal. Whether focusing on storylines that capture the pain of growing up in a single-parent home; touching on the hardships of being a child with a disability; or infusing entrepreneurial dreams in her stories, Mya’s goal is to leave people feeling inspired when they finish reading her books.

Born and raised in a single-parent home in North Philadelphia, she often used books to escape her own childhood trauma, praying that one day she would get to do for others what many of her favorite authors did for her. Named after Maya Angelou, Mya’s love for books carried her to the library every Saturday, often leaving with the maximum number of books that were allowed to be checked out.

She completed her first novel during her mother’s first battle with tongue cancer, which for her, was very therapeutic. It not only healed her soul, but it pushed her to take her first leap of faith shortly after her mother beat cancer.

A Temple University alum, studying Journalism seemed like second nature for her. She later obtained a Master’s in Creative Writing, which only confirmed that she was on the right path in the first place and didn’t really need the second degree. Today, Mya has penned a total of twelve books, two of which are celebrity memoirs that she co-authored.

Continuing to fulfill her love for paying it forward to youth, she founded Girls Anthem in 2019. Girls Anthem is a movement for women that is dedicated to empowering them to pursue destiny by tapping into their bravery and pushing past procrastination. 

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Fun Facts about Mya and her writing:

  • She taught English as a second language in South Korea for a year.
  • She met her namesake, Maya Angelou, on February 4, 2006 at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia where she worked as a security officer. Maya smiled and kissed her hand when she found out that she was named after her (which means Mya didn’t wash her hands for several days after).
  • She has a picture of herself at three-years-old that was signed by the legendary Lou Rawls (yes, her uncle yelled to get Lou Rawl’s attention after a show in Atlantic City and he signed the only picture her mother had on her).
  • One of the celebrity memoirs she co-authored was featured on The Real.
  • Her first book signing for A Song for Jordan, her first young adult novel, took place at Barnes & Noble, one of the toughest chains to get into as a self-published author. 
  • Mya has done several celebrity interviews and nabbed her first celebrity cover story for Bronze Magazine (November 2018). You can read it here Cover Story.


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