Celebrity Reviews


Teddy Riley and I backstage at his concert in Connecticut supporting, Battling Brelyn.

“Mya paints a very vivid and real life emotional picture with every sentence. Her writing fills me with joy, fear, anger, anticipation and a host of other emotions that keep me reading on and rooting for her characters.” – Terri J. Vaughn, Award-winning Actress from “The Steve Harvey Show”, “All of Us”, “Soul Food” and “Meet the Browns”

“My goal as I travel the country and perform as a comedian is at some point to become a person’s favorite comedian. After reading Mya K. collection of short stories, I can honestly say I have a new favorite author. In one word, Mya is Awesome. I hope you enjoy her work as much as I did.” – Rodney Perry, Actor/Comedian, Co-host from BET’s The Mo’Nique Show, Actor “Madea’s Big Happy Family”

“Mya’s writing technique is phenomenal. She’s a modern day Maya Angelou. A black woman using the English language to tell stories and change the world. She’s an incredible woman.”  – Barry “Cassidy” Reese, Platinum Selling Artist (Hotel, I’m A Hustla)

Ronreaco Lee My Book
RonReaco Lee of “Survivor’s Remorse” and I





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