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Overcoming Distractions The Goal Files

In this episode, I discuss 3 tips to overcome distractions and why it's important to practice the 'pause' before turning someone else's urgency into your emergency.   (Please excuse the glitch 35 seconds in. The ad cut into the intro for the episode.) Looking for a way to step into coaching without making a long-term, one-one-one commitment? Check out The Goal Starter Workbook Kit: Visit Follow us: @writermya & @girlsanthemmovement
  1. Overcoming Distractions
  2. God & Goals – 3 Tips on How to Keep God in Your Goals
  3. "Leading By Faith" – Feat. Amajae Hardy Jones
  4. Season Finale: A Special Q & A (Delayed Answers, Still Healed)
  5. After The Trauma, Part 2

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