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"Flourish Under Pressure" The Girl Files

2020 has made it feel impossible to flourish under pressure. Our relationships, jobs, careers and purpose were under pressure this year like never before. God is willing to take your pressure and turn it into purpose, but there's a caveat to that Р we have to invite Him into the pressure with us. Discussion points: 3 areas where our teen girls are facing pressure right now 3 gems on how God wants to help you & your family deal with pressure 3 practical ways to invite God into the pressure with you "Warring For My Girls: We Pray Together, We Slay Together" is now available in print and digital formats. My first devotional gives you strategy on how to pray for the girls in your life and helps you draw closer to Christ by focusing on your friendship with Him. Order at Girl File Honoree: Madison Taylor, CEO of Taylor Beauty (
  1. "Flourish Under Pressure"
  2. Season Finale
  3. Adorned By Words – The Blessing & The Curse
  4. Sexual Abuse – From Fragmented to Freedom
  5. The Color Code

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