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After The Trauma, Part 2 The Girl Files

In this episode, Mya breaks down the last 3 areas (pornography, anger, gossip) that people get tripped up in after they've received deliverance. She also breaks down steps to implement to maintain your deliverance in these areas.  Matthew 12:43-45 (TPT), Courtesy of 43 “When a demon is cast out of a person, it roams around a dry region, looking for a place to rest, but never finds it. 44 Then it says, ‘I’ll return to the house I moved out of,’ and so it goes back, only to find that the house is vacant, warm, and ready for it to move back in. 45 So it goes looking for seven other demons more evil than itself, and they all enter together to live there. Then the person’s condition becomes much worse than it was in the beginning. This describes what will also happen to the people of this evil generation.” How do we maintain our deliverance once we've been set free from (addictions, habits, toxic relationships, anger, pornography, gossip, etc.)? There's no one size fits all response, but one thing is clear – we can't just leave our houses empty after they've been swept clean. Listen now! Girl File Honoree: Zhanyia McCullough, Founder & CEO of (IG: @islandebeauty) Follow us: @writermya, @girlsanthemmovement, Coaching now available! Does your teen daughter want to be an entrepreneur? Visit to book the new "Launch Entrepreneur Coaching Session" today. Purchase "Warring For My Girls: We Pray Together, We Slay Together" here:
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