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The Goal of Purity The Goal Files

This one is for the single adults.  While pursuing purpose, goals and dreams, we can often stumble in maintaining our purity along the way. The goal of purity isn't just about us not having sex or satisfying our sexual desires, but it's about us creating a new rhythm for our bloodlines that eliminates the perversion, lust and sin many of us were exposed to. God isn't mad at us when we stumble in this area, but He wants us to recognize that there is a measure of faith and commitment needed to conquer this area once and for all.  This is the final episode and final season of The Goal Files. Please subscribe to my new podcast, The Mya Kay Show.  Follow me @writermya
  1. The Goal of Purity
  2. Legacy Leadership
  3. Entrepreneur vs. Leader
  4. Believing w/Lori Conger
  5. Healing w/ Kieara Pittman