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Insecure The Goal Files

While the show may have it's place in society, being "insecure" is a very real thing for many of our daughters and young women. Insecurities can plague our lives to the point where we feel we can't be used by God due to some imperfection or insufficiency that we think we have.  It can also cause us to look to our right and left before making a move, something God never intended for any of us to do. In this episode, I spend time sharing my personal stories of the three areas I felt the most insecure, which were:  1) Looks 2) Identity 3) Career/Purpose Then, I give practical steps on how to become free from insecurities and keep them in check (TRUTH BOMB: Some insecurities may never really go away).   Girl File Honoree: Haile Thomas (Her book drops July 28, 2020), Follow the Girls Anthem Movement:, @girlsanthemmovement Rate this podcast: Side note: Arrest the cops that killed Breonna Taylor. Please and thank you! 
  1. Insecure
  2. Heartbreak Hotel
  3. What's In Your Bloodline?
  4. The Goal Files (Trailer)