The “Good” Fight

I wrote an article back in 2013 titled “Meagan Good is all Good”. You can find it here: It was in reference to the way the church judges people, primarily their own, meaning other believers. Just last month, the issue came up again when DeVon and Meagan were speaking at One Church LA, headedContinue reading “The “Good” Fight”

Sex Crazed in a Scarred World

Why is sex always the answer when the question is pain? It doesn’t matter where we are or where we go, sex is everywhere. It’s trending on a daily basis, on every social media platform, every television station and somehow, it has leaked its way into the most sacred of places – our hearts. IContinue reading “Sex Crazed in a Scarred World”

The Hollywood Distortion: A Two-Sided Argument

People are complaining a lot about the biopics that have been hitting Hollywood on the small screen lately. Whether it was Aaliyah’s biopic, which was produced by Wendy Williams, or Whitney Houston’s which was directed by Angela Bassett, people have had a lot to say. And not everything has been positive. The main issue seemsContinue reading “The Hollywood Distortion: A Two-Sided Argument”