Concrete Stilettos: A Love Story

I’m sorry, but my latest release is BOMB! I’m so excited to be dropping my first urban romance novel under Royalty Publishing House. It’s still a young adult novel, but the themes, as always, cater to women of all ages. It drops on Kindle Saturday, October 17, 2015.


Here’s the synopsis:

She’s as real as they come and as hard as they make them. And her heart still belongs to God…

Seventeen-year-old Taz Elizabeth Green is every man’s fantasy, every girl’s women crush and the envy of many of the women she strips with in Philadelphia. But she’s not your average stripper. A virgin whose parents were murdered when she was 12, Taz only dances because she truly loves it – not because she’s broke and hungry. Not one to make an excuse or take part in self-pity, she wiggles her way into private parties for politicians and police officers, adding to the stash her parents left her. Even the Grady’s, the family that adopted her when her parents were murdered, have no idea the double life Taz is living. They sent her off at sixteen to UCLA, a genius that had been skipped twice in school, to get a degree in Business and Design. Only, Taz returned to Philadelphia a year later with more than just college credits to her name. The only thing Taz fears is her father, Officer Drew Grady, painting the town red when he finds out.

Her best friend Daylen believes in her and so does her cousin Shamiyah. With encouragement, she learns to manage Shamiyah’s lingerie store and takes baby steps to a purpose filled life. She even increases her church attendance and prays more, seeking answers to unknown questions. Enter Curran Kilman, the UPS driver who delivers to the store and suddenly, Taz’s desire for fun in the nightlife changes to nighttime picnics and strolls in the park on the weekend. She can tell Curran might be “the one” and she feels he may be getting closer to making a commitment. But not before she’s exposed at the church she’s been attending – on the Sunday her and Curran go together. And to make matters worse, Daylen’s leukemia diagnosis brings out a family secret that could add layers to Taz’s demons – and for once, she’s not sure how to fight. Not to mention every time Taz leaves the hospital or her condo, there’s a black SUV parked outside and she is sure she’s being followed which is confirmed when Taz almost meets death on more than one occasion. Pleasure and purpose collide in Concrete Stilettos: A Love Story, the story of a teen girl who’s lost in a world full of judgment and sin, but knows God is calling her name.

And since I love my readers so much, here’s an excerpt: Excerpt

Don’t forget, you can pre-order it for $20 by clicking on the cover image under My Books. It includes shipping and a personalized, autographed copy of the book. Print release date is 10/30/15.

In the meantime, I created a soundtrack for the book using Spotify. To listen, you only need to log in with your facebook or your email. To me, movies aren’t the only medium that can have a hot soundtrack with it. This is a list of some of my favorite songs that I felt fit the book well. Just click the link under the album artwork to hear.

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Dear Scars, Thank You

I remember the first time I fell off my bike and scraped my knee. It wasn’t a bad cut, but it was bad enough that I made that all too familiar hissing sound when you don’t want to cry in front of your friends. I remember blowing on my kneecap and fanning it with my hand, as if it would magically disappear.

It stung more than anything and I knew that when I got home, my mama would insist on alcohol or peroxide and I’d be hissing again. It took a few weeks and the cut eventually turned into a scar. It was brown, but had a black tint to it, kind of trying to blend in with my mocha brown skin.

If I was walking, nobody else could see it, but whenever I went to take a bath, I saw it. No matter how many scars, I got, I found a way to play with my friends again, even if it meant getting into the same activity that may have caused the scar in the first place.

And no matter how many times I cried when I got a new cut, I went through the same “Mama, it burns” routine: hiss, cry, alcohol, ointment, bandage; hiss, cry, alcohol, ointment, bandage; hiss, cry, alcohol, ointment, bandage…

One day, I looked in the mirror at all the scars I had gathered and I noticed that now, they weren’t on the surface. They were underneath my skin. As I got older, the cuts got deeper and my scars got bigger, blacker and scarier. They were a direct reflection of the activity I chose to partake in and found myself getting hurt by.

Some were caused by other people, some were caused by me. Some, I had absolutely nothing to do with because I couldn’t help how I had been raised or what I had been exposed to as a child growing up in the mean streets of North Philadelphia. However, there was something that didn’t change. It didn’t go away at all. In fact, the pattern was quite the same.

Only the alcohol was bought from the wine & spirit store, the ointment was whatever I could say to make myself feel better and try to patch myself up and the bandage was what I used to cover up the pain.

Today, every scar I had has been turned into a star by God’s mighty hand. The scars I’ll get in the future, they’ll go through a process as well. One that by then, I will have become so familiar with that I won’t fight the healing process. I won’t deny it or try to make it more work than it has to be.

So, Dear Scars: Thank You. Everything you were, made me who I am.

Mya K. Douglas

Fox’s New Drama “Empire” Shows Us that Some Scars Never Go Away

Lucious Lyons and the fierce, no-nonsense mama bear, Cookie Lyons have become television’s favorite duo in a short amount of time (we’re only into the fourth episode). Whether Lucious wants to give her full credit or not, Cookie built Empire with him, even while she was away. She could’ve snitched at any point.

And fans have made it clear that their #TeamCookie. But there’s one thing Cookie hasn’t dealt with. It’s something I believe she’s afraid to deal with. She can check Lucious all day, beat Jamal until his face turns black and blue and give Anika the greatest read since Phaedra read Kenya last season. But the scars will still be there.

She made a conscious decision as a woman to ride for a man, doing an illegal activity that she knew could cost her everything. Their mistake was selling drugs. Her mistake was not protecting her children, even when Lucious didn’t want to (throwing a child in the trash can is not cool). Those cuts underneath Cookie’s surface are redeemable, but not the way she’s going about it.

How many Cookie’s do we know in real life – the woman who gave it all up to protect a man who threw her under the bus and once released finds herself trying to cause pain to the man who left her hanging? We know her. Some of us are her.

No judgement, but the greatest thing you can do to move forward from a scarred life is to forgive, start over and embrace the new. Not easy. Never will be. But God’s grace and love are there to lead you to a better life and He promised double for your trouble.

And that’s one Man who never lies. Ever.