Faith’s Journey

Faith has a journey. And it isn’t always sweet.

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It is however, one in which you can count on. I’ve taken several leaps of faith and it’s always an adventure. In most cases, things were lined up – a place to stay, the job, even a circle of friends.

But what about when all that isn’t so sure? It’s a stretching of your faith that will surely take you to the next level. I’m writing you today to encourage you on any journey of faith you might be on.

It could be for a new career, a new city, a new love, going back to school or even something that isn’t so grand, like – faith to walk in love more, faith to believe in yourself again or faith to conquer the spirit of fear.

Let’s remember – God is in the small details as well as the big ones. We often like to see God move in our lives and at times, when the thing isn’t right in our face (tangible) we say God isn’t moving. But blessings can be natural and spiritual.

Whatever it is you are believing God for – stand on His word. I’m a firm believer in finding scriptures that line up with what I am desiring. And He’ll give you the desires of your heart according to His will, because when you delight yourself in Him, He shows you things and He tells you things. That’s how you know what you’re going after, that thing that sets your soul on fire, is in His will.

I also believe walking by faith is about being transparent. Being real. And because I’m from North Philly, I don’t know any other way to be. So here’s what I’ve been going through on my faith journey in the last four years that I’ve witnessed my greatest spiritual growth:

  • Yes, I’ve struggled with comparison.
  • Yes, I’ve looked at other people’s social media sites and felt inferior.
  • Yes, I’ve treated myself poorly and later felt ashamed.
  • Yes, I’ve judged others and found myself pointing fingers
  • Yes, I’ve wondered how walking in God’s timing and grace is right when it seems the more you press in, the more obstacles appear
  • Yes, I’ve cursed so much that I often felt like a sailor

As a bonus:

  • Yes, I have a slight gut that often makes me feel less than beautiful

But with God’s love and grace, I’ve been able to:

  • Find peace in knowing there’s nobody else on this earth that writes like me, is creative like me, can speak and articulate herself in front of an audience like me or who is as innovative as me. Remember, I said ME.
  • I learned to celebrate others success, even if they’re on the same path as me (writers, artists, etc.) and I even ask for tips. Not to copy, but because we ALL can learn something from each other
  • I learned to truly LOVE myself and value myself. God taught me what my value is and I’ve learned to embrace it. FYI: It has nothing to do with money or even my gifts.
  • I choose to see the Jesus in people. That’s all I’m concerned about. Everything else about them is none of my business. Family included.
  • God’s timing is perfect. I’ve witnessed great miracles that often came in the form of relief – relief that I didn’t get that job, that guy, that moment to shine – because what was for them isn’t for me and what’s mine won’t miss me. More importantly, I want NOTHING before God is ready to give it to me because I’ll end up losing it anyway.
  • God continues to help me with this one. Jesus, take the wheel. It’s the North Philly in me. LOL
  • Well, I had an ectopic pregnancy when I was eighteen. That could have something to do with why it never seems to change. I’ve worked out. Eaten right. Gotten colonics. Done the whole nine yards. This is still a bit of a challenge for me, but…I’ve embraced it. Because I’ll continue to work on it. As long as I’m eating right, working out and I’m healthy, I’m good.

You see, faith is to be applied to every area of our lives. I’ve asked God to help me see faith as an opportunity to embrace things I don’t understand and still find the good in it. And trust me, that takes faith. Real faith.

What’s your faith journey been like?

The Hollywood Distortion: A Two-Sided Argument

People are complaining a lot about the biopics that have been hitting Hollywood on the small screen lately. Whether it was Aaliyah’s biopic, which was produced by Wendy Williams, or Whitney Houston’s which was directed by Angela Bassett, people have had a lot to say. And not everything has been positive. The main issue seems to be the families of these icons not respecting the way their loved one is being cast.

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After all, most of the films are touching on certain, not all, parts of the person’s life. They also seem to put more of a light on the romantic portion of their lives and not what we may remember them as – that down to earth, sultry R&B singer or the greatest voice of our time.

Most recently, the big hoopla is with Zoe Saldana playing Nina Simone in the upcoming biopic of the Jazz legends life. I’m not sure if Zoe playing her is my biggest concern. Rather, it’s the depiction of so many great lives and legacies gone array by people getting permissions that they shouldn’t have. According to many sources, Aaliyah’s family wasn’t pleased at all with her story being brought to the small screen.

With all that Whitney Houston was and still is, I felt the portrayal of her in that TV movie was horrible. It showed a fraction of her life – the fraction where Bobby Brown came in – and that seemed to be it. With all the lives this woman touched through her music and her ability to have you rocked with goosebumps with her beautiful voice and all we got was two hours of her and Bobby Brown’s love life?

So, the topic isn’t “Should Zoe Saldana have been chosen to play Nina Simone?” but rather, “Who is giving Hollywood permission to tread on the legacies of these people only showing a fraction of what they were and what they left behind?”

Of course, I also felt that there were other women that could’ve played Nina Simone, but it was in no way to be offensive to Zoe, because I love Zoe Saldana. The problem is – Hollywood always goes for the “mainstream” pretty face. By that, I mean, they go for the look of a person who may otherwise not have fit the role on all sides – the voice, the vibe, the feel – of the artist and person being portrayed.

Halle Berry slayed the role of Dorothy Dandridge because in actuality, she fit not only her look, but the sensuality and poise that Dorothy herself displayed. Take Carmen Jones the movie. If you don’t see how Halle fit the role perfectly, then take a closer look.

Was a woman of color who was more befitting when it came to the solid acting, the poise, and the delivery to give the Jazz great a voice beyond the grave, not enough because of their darker skin? The fact that they even had to darken Zoe’s skin says something about the way entertainment in their own way tells us how we should “see” each other. Though subliminal, the message is clear.

That is the issue that is at hand. Do we as African-American women need to stop bashing each other and labeling each other as “too light” or “too dark”? Absolutely. Who came up with that anyway? Well, it’s all historical. But should Hollywood continue to distort the images that we appreciate by telling us through our art, what beauty should be defined as? No. Hell no.

Take it back to LL Cool J’s “Doin’ It” and you’ll see exactly what I mean. So no, I’m NOT as an African American woman bashing Zoe Saldana’s acting or her looks. I speak for those bashing the entertainment industry that continues to push aside the many faces of beauty that we have, just to fit into a paradigm of beauty that they created.

Happy New Year!

Hey everyone. I’m so excited to be back at it for the New Year. I can’t believe A Sacred Love was #1 worldwide for two weeks on the Amazon charts. That means so much to me. With that said, there will be a part 2 coming this Spring.

My writing is stronger than ever and I am sticking to my goal of putting out ten books this year. I’m even doing a few collaborations.

I just wanted to shout out my readers and thank everyone who made A Sacred Love #1. It’s still in the top #10 also (it’s #5), which to me, says a lot. But I don’t take it lightly and I’m extremely humbled by it all. Writing is hard work.

I’m just glad I have a few dope readers who are taking this journey along with me. Stay with me as I continue to blog about my journey as a writer.

What I’m going to do this year is post from an upcoming work in progress. I want your feedback on it. Let me know if you want to see more. I won’t say when or whether it’s an actual book I’m looking to publish. You’ll just have to wait and see.

Make this year your best one yet!


Mya Kay

Latest Release and See you Next Year!

Hey everyone. I know it’s been quiet on this end. Today, my second romance novel, The Cost of Love, was released under Royalty Publishing House. After this post, I’ll see you guys next year. I have so much to do before the year is out.

I just finished another television pilot about an hour ago. I’m taking a small break from novels until the new year, but I’ll always be writing. There’s a few contests I want to enter for film and TV, my other love. I can’t believe it’s November and I’ve completed 2 novels and 3 scripts, 2 of them being movies.

Five projects is a great number for the year. Do you write in more than one medium? How do you work it out? Comment below or shoot me an email.

For now, here’s the synopsis and an unedited excerpt for The Cost of Love:

The Cost of Love Synopsis

Unedited The Cost of Love Excerpt

You can purchase a copy under Books. Please, please, enjoy your holidays. Relax with family. Whatever hasn’t happened this year, trust God that the best is yet to come.

All my love,


Release Day Party for Concrete Stilettos!


Enchanted Promotions put together a release day party for me today. They will also be doing my blog tour which starts November 1st and runs until November 14th. 

In the meantime, check out the list of blogs featuring the book today and download your copy for only 99 cents on Amazon Kindle

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