Concrete Stilettos: A Love Story

I’m sorry, but my latest release is BOMB! I’m so excited to be dropping my first urban romance novel under Royalty Publishing House. It’s still a young adult novel, but the themes, as always, cater to women of all ages. It drops on Kindle Saturday, October 17, 2015. Here’s the synopsis: She’s as real asContinue reading “Concrete Stilettos: A Love Story”

Fox’s New Drama “Empire” Shows Us that Some Scars Never Go Away

Lucious Lyons and the fierce, no-nonsense mama bear, Cookie Lyons have become television’s favorite duo in a short amount of time (we’re only into the fourth episode). Whether Lucious wants to give her full credit or not, Cookie built Empire with him, even while she was away. She could’ve snitched at any point. And fans haveContinue reading “Fox’s New Drama “Empire” Shows Us that Some Scars Never Go Away”