“My great, great-grandfather, Roger, started the business in California back in the late 1800’s. Eight years after he tasted his first self-grown grapes and after several failed attempts, Roger Frances Winery was born.” – Brelyn Michele Clover Everybody is an entrepreneur today. I salute you. I believe in you. What I’m not a fan ofContinue reading “Entrepreneurship”

What Real Work Looks Like

“So, I was thinking of revamping Bodies by Brelyn to an online platform where people can take virtual classes and get health and fitness resources for a monthly fee.” – Brelyn Michele Clover (taken from my new book, Battling Brelyn) I think my biggest pet peeve today is my culture’s insensitivity to work ethic. While manyContinue reading “What Real Work Looks Like”

The Denial of Depression

“God, I don’t want to die. My heart started beating faster. Please. I can’t imagine my Mama standing over me crying.” – Brelyn Michele Clover (taken from my new book, Battling Brelyn) Sadly, it’s something that happens a lot in today’s culture. There’s a stigma attached to depression that causes people to withdraw from gettingContinue reading “The Denial of Depression”