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Three books…one day…one historical moment.

Happy New Year!

February 2016

It’s officially “love” month and what better way to celebrate than to read great romance novels. As a Christian romance writer, I enjoyed pushing these two out. Filled with suspense, faith, love and grounded in reality, Fumbled Your Heart and A Star-Studded Love will leave you begging to write a review. Enjoy! 

Fumbled Your Heart Final Cover                                                     12711021_955873384504657_7015798160825645981_o

To purchase either of these releases, just click on the cover. January was an interesting month for me. I wanted to challenge myself to write two books and drop them in the same month. I also wanted to do a collaboration. I am so blessed to have been able to work with NeTasha Jackson. She’s a great author that everyone should be on the look out for. 

My final release for 2015 is now available. I am more than excited.  A Sacred Love: Kaiya and Jarrell’s story, is my baby. The first book I ever finished.  Click on the cover to purchase. 


It was originally titled Kaiya’s Redemption and I wrote it five years ago. God opened the door for me to be able to publish it today. My publisher opened up to several new genres, with Christian Romance being one of them. Well, what do you know? We worked on the title, I beefed up the romantic elements and added a few scenes and A Sacred Love was born.  

Kaiya Sora Samson is my strongest, yet most revealing, character to date. You’ll love her and her story. If you want to see a part two, you’ve gotta get everyone you know to download this book when it drops. 

To read an excerpt, click here: A Sacred Love Excerpt. Print copies for this book won’t be available until after the New Year. 

Cost of Love

Today, my second romance novel under Royalty Publishing House was released. The Cost of Love tells the story of Xea Michele Thomas, a vibrant, entrepreneur who has lived under her parents rule all her life. She won’t let anything keep her from Mitch, the love of her life. But her parents have another idea. Just like with Concrete Stilettos, print copies can be pre-ordered for $20, which includes shipping and a personalized autographed copy. Check out the synopsis and an unedited excerpt here: 

The Cost of Love Synopsis

Unedited The Cost of Love Excerpt

To purchase the book on Kindle, click here.

To pre-order a print copy, you can click on the image:

Cost of Love 3D
Purchase Today!

A self-published author who has been in Barnes & Noble (Atlanta) and Big Blue Marble Bookstore (Philadelphia), I’m excited for my first romance release with Royalty Publishing House, “Concrete Stilettos: A Love Story”. My book dropped Saturday, October 17th on Kindle and I made the top #100 in Urban Fiction. I’m still on the list, but I need your help getting to #1. Print copies are also still available. Just contact me through my contact me page and I’ll send you an invoice for $20. 

To read the synopsis: Concrete Stilettos Synopsis and a 2 chapter excerpt: Royalty Excerpt just click on the link.

Concrete Stilettos 3D
Purchase Today!

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Speechless Cover
Want a free copy of my first book? Find out how you can get it here: Free Digital Book
May 2014
Butterfly Faith copy
February 2014

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  1. My name is Mya also and I just finished “A Song For Jordan”. It was a phenomenal book! I liked how you wrote it, I couldn’t just stop at the end of the chapter. I can tell that your a great writer because this is one of my favorites and I can’t wait to purchasing the other books!


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