I’m excited to be re-releasing three of my previous romance novels on Mother’s Day. One of them was previously published under a publisher (I’ve had the rights back for a year now) and the other two were books that I had only published for a short amount of time (about 3 months) at a time when I was really depressed in regards to my writing career. But God…

When He says go, you go. I wanted to drop all four of the synopses here so you can check them out before May 8th.

Love to the B Power

Brooklyn Myers loves her best friends, Tessa and Laila. They are indeed sisters. They’ve each been on a journey of self-discovery since graduating from college. After a year of struggling to find work in their fields, Brooklyn is the first to find her groove and take a leap of faith into entrepreneurship. She writes a book, Brooklyn’s Basement, based on the four years she spent in a sex trafficking ring and launches an online boutique called, Brooklyn’s Closet. With Tessa and Laila as her business managers, things are starting to look up for them. Then, one cold weekend in the fall, she goes to a business conference hosted in downtown Philadelphia. There, she meets Barry Carter, a handsome businessman, and owner of, Carter Sports Management & Consulting. They bump into each other at the food truck on their lunch break. As they share their personal stories over lunch, Barry notices a sadness in Brooklyn that makes him want to explore her world. He listens to her heart and decides that even with his recent heartbreak, she’s worth pursuing.

Months go on, and Brooklyn and Barry get more acquainted, learning each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Despite his recent breakup months prior, he knows that Brooklyn is worth the pursuit. Just as their love journey goes deeper, Barry’s ex, Simone, shows up, begging him to take her back. Brooklyn does her best to endure Simone’s antics, but after she’s confronted by Simone while working with a major client, she walks away, not caring that Barry can’t control Simone’s actions. She’s had enough. As weeks go by, Barry becomes more determined to fight for the woman he knows is meant to be his wife. He’ll do anything to get her back – even if it means he has to risk getting hurt again. Will Brooklyn realize that bumps and bruises come with real, God-fearing love or will she allow the past that haunts her to push away the man she knows God sent her?

Love to the Baby Power (sequel to Love to the B Power)

Brooklyn and Barry are back. After two years of marriage, they’re about to welcome their first child into the family. Even with a bundle of joy on the way, all isn’t going so well in the Carter household. Brooklyn is suffering from antepartum depression and no matter how happy Barry and others try to make her, she’s sinking deeper and deeper into a pit of darkness. Barry’s been hanging around with a new potential client – Diamond Richardson – an Olympic swimmer who doesn’t seem to care that Barry’s married.

Brooklyn’s mother was released from prison a year ago on good behavior – now, she wants to move in with Brooklyn and Barry doesn’t seem to think it’s an issue, which causes another rift in their marriage. But when the police show up at the door causing Brooklyn to go into labor early, will Barry still think she’s worthy of another chance? Can Brooklyn handle the new set of demons that have emerged along with the joys of motherhood? Or will she succumb to the pressure that’s trying to take her out?

A Star-Studded Love (with NeTasha Jackson)

Kennedy Fletcher and Shayla Reese were born and raised in New Jersey. Six months after graduating from Bloomsburg University with degrees in Film & Creative Writing, the suburban raised Christian girls head out to Hollywood to live the life of their dreams as screenwriters. Kennedy, the responsible and mature one, meets Chad Lawson, a young entrepreneur who’s a Hollywood executive who works at MGM and has a first-look deal at HBO. Immediately, sparks fly, and they begin a courtship as Chad shows Kennedy the Hollywood ropes. Shayla, the spontaneous and abrasive one, falls for his cocky, rich friend, Lincoln DeSanto, who is a rising A-List actor and just landed a $5 million movie contract and a role in a killer TV series.

Kennedy is falling for Chad more and more each day. Until she meets Keith, a controlling and narcissistic lawyer, who will stop at nothing to woo her. Chad feels her pulling away, but Kennedy places too much confidence in her flesh as she struggles to decide which guy is better – the one who feeds her spirit and soul or the one who feeds her flesh and fantasies? After Shayla lands a job on Lincoln’s next movie, she finds herself drowning in his lies and the glitz and glamour of Hollywood scandals, not to mention a tragedy that leaves Shayla facing prison time. Will these two girls be able to stand on the promise they made to their parents and to God to stay true to their faith or will they end up working for the devil full-time in a world full of lust, lies and Hollywood pandemonium?


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