For Brooklyn’s Love

Title: For Brooklyn’s Love
Subtitle: Book One in The Philadelphia Heights Series

Brooklyn Myers loves her best friends, Tessa and Laila. They are indeed, sisters. Now, as they each begin their own journey after college, they long to become entrepreneurs. After months of struggling to find work in their fields, Brooklyn is the first to take the leap. She decides to start an online boutique Brooklyn’s Closet, and to buy property to rent out as an AirBnB.

When she goes to a business conference hosted in downtown Philadelphia, she meets Barry Carter, a handsome businessman, that owns a sports management company, Carter Sports Management & Consulting.

When they bump into each other at the food truck on their lunch break, Barry notices a sadness in Brooklyn that makes him want to explore her world. As they sit down to chat, he listens to her heart and decides that even with his recent heartbreak, she’s worth pursuing.

Months go on as Brooklyn and Barry get more acquainted, learning each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Eventually, Barry decides that he wants Brooklyn to be more than his friend and will do anything to protect their newfound courtship.
Just as their love journey goes deeper, Barry’s ex, Simone, shows up, begging him to take her back. Brooklyn does her best to endure Simone’s antics, but after she’s confronted by Simone while working with a major client, she walks away, not caring that Barry can’t control Simone’s actions. She’s had enough.

As weeks go by, Barry becomes convinced that Brooklyn is meant to be his wife and he’ll do anything to get her back – even if it means he has to risk getting hurt again. Will Simone get the message that Barry has moved on in time for him to get Brooklyn back, or will Brooklyn move on before Barry has a chance to fight for her love?


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