“My great, great-grandfather, Roger, started the business in California back in the late 1800’s. Eight years after he tasted his first self-grown grapes and after several failed attempts, Roger Frances Winery was born.” – Brelyn Michele Clover

Everybody is an entrepreneur today. I salute you. I believe in you.

What I’m not a fan of is the misinterpretation that being an entrepreneur means:

  • I’ll never have to work for anyone again
  • I am my own boss
  • All I need is one client and I can get the ball rolling

Here’s the truth:

  • You will always be working for your target market (at least until you build your business up to the point where you’re making a passive income)
  • You are your own boss, but your moves are made according to your target audience (which essentially means you aren’t your own boss)
  • Getting one client is great. Keeping that client is better.

As someone who has built multiple businesses and failed multiple times, I had to bust these same myths myself. Entrepreneurship is very exciting. In fact, it’s rewarding. All the times I’ve started a business (writing business, nail polish business, sandal and sock business, etc.), I’ve hit roadblock after roadblock and had opposition like crazy.

But I knew what I was signing up for. I never once thought money would just fall from the sky and into my pockets. I was excited at being my own boss, but realized that I would always work for someone being self-employed. Owning a business where employees are involved is another thing. But running your own business typically means you’re self-employed. And just like self-publishing, self-employed means you are doing  a lot of the work yourself.

The Clovers are all about entrepreneurship, in ways you can’t imagine. Since it’s fiction, there may be a few things that come off like they skyrocketed to the top with their businesses, but even when inheriting a company, it’s still hard work involved. As you read Battling Brelyn, you’ll get to see that. Entrepreneurship is more than bells and whistles. It’s more like scrubbing a floor with a scrub brush because the mop hasn’t been invented yet.

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