Struggling – The Things We Can’t See

“How could I call myself a Clover when my sickness had branded me as some weakling, while my parents and siblings seem to grow stronger every day?” – Brelyn Michele Clover (taken from my new book, Battling Brelyn)

Brelyn finds herself struggling throughout Battling Brelyn. Namely, with the disease Lupus. But there are other struggles that she faces. Most of her struggles are internal. Oftentimes, when life hands us lemons, we’re told to make lemonade (yes, Bey. We feel your pain.) What I find interesting is that life often squeezes us to see what comes out. I mean, how else are we supposed to develop character or the fruit of the Spirit?

How often are we in trouble in life and can’t seem to find understanding as to why something happened? Could it be that our understanding will come after you’ve gone through the experience set before you?

In my opinion, a struggle will only last as long as we want it to (in most cases). God asks us to trust Him and while it’s not always easy, it is definitely something that makes the struggle a little easier. Seasons of struggle are the perfect chance to unleash a strength that you may not realize you have. A strength that only God can give you during that particular season.

Even in a struggle, there’s some fight left in you. I often find that struggle makes us fight harder than we would’ve fought had things been the way we wanted them to be. No matter how uncomfortable you feel during that time, remember that going through it is what will help you grow through it.

What are three key things that you do during a season of “struggle”?

Here are mine:

  • Pray and pause – not only do I pray, but I wait to hear what God has to say
  • Stay joyful – from smiling at my neighbor who always looks mean or killing the customer service rep with kindness, I go out of my way to stay joyful
  • Bless someone else – I’ve been at the movie theaters and turned to pay for the person’s ticket behind me. It not only shares the light of Christ, but it lets Satan and his dark forces know that I won’t be moved by my circumstances.

To find out more about my new character Brelyn and her family, sign up for updates here.


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