The “Good” Fight

I wrote an article back in 2013 titled “Meagan Good is all Good”. You can find it here:

It was in reference to the way the church judges people, primarily their own, meaning other believers.

Just last month, the issue came up again when DeVon and Meagan were speaking at One Church LA, headed by Pastor Toure Roberts, and a woman decided to say flat out “So, we gone cover up, right?”.

Image courtesy of Meagan Good’s official website

Of course, what preceded this was the woman saying she pushed past all judgement to come to the event, even after seeing Meagan Good with her breast out on the cover of a magazine. It started off good – she was giving Meagan her props.

But she ended on a bad note. I say a bad note and not a wrong note because I don’t believe the woman meant it in a malicious way. I do believe that we as the Body of Christ need to remember something:

John 7:24 (in the Message translation) says this: Do not be nitpickers. Use your head and heart to discern what is right, to test what is authentically right.

Now, of course in context, in this verse, Jesus was speaking of people talking about the miracle He performed on the Sabbath. We are so quick to say what should and shouldn’t be done, that we forget about taking a look a person’s heart. How do you see it? By listening to them and not looking at them.

I was judged harshly as a teen while growing up in the church. From my hair and nails being done every two weeks to me wearing nice clothes (nothing sleazy or showing skin). I was just judged because I was different.

So my heart is always tender for women in the church who are attacked – especially when we attack each other publicly. As believers, my prayer is that we will learn to not tear each other down at all, but especially publicly, where non-believers are watching. They already feel the church is hypocritical. Let’s not add fuel to that fire.



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