Sex Crazed in a Scarred World

Why is sex always the answer when the question is pain?

It doesn’t matter where we are or where we go, sex is everywhere. It’s trending on a daily basis, on every social media platform, every television station and somehow, it has leaked its way into the most sacred of places – our hearts.

Image provided by Digitalart

I say our, because we’re all accountable. I remember being victim to my own body, not caring how someone perceived me or my actions because it was the life I wanted and knew how to live. But no matter how I roll the dice, if it keeps coming back to the same number, then there’s a deeper rooted issue.

“But it’s just sex,” people say. “Everybody is doing it,” others spew. “And, what’s the big deal?” says many of America’s teenagers.

Nobody said it was a bad thing. But I think it’s safe to say that a large portion of the world is seeking to fill a void with sexual behaviors, sexual illusions and worldly impressions that doesn’t leave much to be desired. Instagram is now a place for pinups and exposed body parts (men included).

But the problem isn’t the person – it’s the scar that they haven’t dealt with. I was exposed to too much at a young age and the vulnerability that I had, left me open as a little girl in a big world. I made decisions and own every one. But the lasting spiritual effect that many of my sexual decisions had on me can’t compare to anything physical that I may have experienced in my life. I dealt with the question (pain) and the solution was only found in Christ. The solution was only found in internal peace, joy and wanting more out of life than an instant moment of fun.

Sex is always the answer because everybody hides behind their pain, calling it “desire”, “fun” and “YOLO”; sex is always the answer because people enjoy saying “I had that”, and “the opposite sex gets away with it, why can’t I?”; sex is always the answer because the question is one that requires you to look in the mirror and admit that you are attempting to rid your life of a pain that no physical act can ever heal; it requires you to submit to a higher level of understanding about how sexual soul ties hinder growth in every area of your life.

Is sex bad? No. Am I judging you if you’re having sex? Absolutely not. Am I asking you to take a deeper look into reasons why you may be having it carelessly? Yes. Please do. And ask God to heal you.




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