Faith’s Journey

Faith has a journey. And it isn’t always sweet.

Image provided by Iamnee

It is however, one in which you can count on. I’ve taken several leaps of faith and it’s always an adventure. In most cases, things were lined up – a place to stay, the job, even a circle of friends.

But what about when all that isn’t so sure? It’s a stretching of your faith that will surely take you to the next level. I’m writing you today to encourage you on any journey of faith you might be on.

It could be for a new career, a new city, a new love, going back to school or even something that isn’t so grand, like – faith to walk in love more, faith to believe in yourself again or faith to conquer the spirit of fear.

Let’s remember – God is in the small details as well as the big ones. We often like to see God move in our lives and at times, when the thing isn’t right in our face (tangible) we say God isn’t moving. But blessings can be natural and spiritual.

Whatever it is you are believing God for – stand on His word. I’m a firm believer in finding scriptures that line up with what I am desiring. And He’ll give you the desires of your heart according to His will, because when you delight yourself in Him, He shows you things and He tells you things. That’s how you know what you’re going after, that thing that sets your soul on fire, is in His will.

I also believe walking by faith is about being transparent. Being real. And because I’m from North Philly, I don’t know any other way to be. So here’s what I’ve been going through on my faith journey in the last four years that I’ve witnessed my greatest spiritual growth:

  • Yes, I’ve struggled with comparison.
  • Yes, I’ve looked at other people’s social media sites and felt inferior.
  • Yes, I’ve treated myself poorly and later felt ashamed.
  • Yes, I’ve judged others and found myself pointing fingers
  • Yes, I’ve wondered how walking in God’s timing and grace is right when it seems the more you press in, the more obstacles appear
  • Yes, I’ve cursed so much that I often felt like a sailor

As a bonus:

  • Yes, I have a slight gut that often makes me feel less than beautiful

But with God’s love and grace, I’ve been able to:

  • Find peace in knowing there’s nobody else on this earth that writes like me, is creative like me, can speak and articulate herself in front of an audience like me or who is as innovative as me. Remember, I said ME.
  • I learned to celebrate others success, even if they’re on the same path as me (writers, artists, etc.) and I even ask for tips. Not to copy, but because we ALL can learn something from each other
  • I learned to truly LOVE myself and value myself. God taught me what my value is and I’ve learned to embrace it. FYI: It has nothing to do with money or even my gifts.
  • I choose to see the Jesus in people. That’s all I’m concerned about. Everything else about them is none of my business. Family included.
  • God’s timing is perfect. I’ve witnessed great miracles that often came in the form of relief – relief that I didn’t get that job, that guy, that moment to shine – because what was for them isn’t for me and what’s mine won’t miss me. More importantly, I want NOTHING before God is ready to give it to me because I’ll end up losing it anyway.
  • God continues to help me with this one. Jesus, take the wheel. It’s the North Philly in me. LOL
  • Well, I had an ectopic pregnancy when I was eighteen. That could have something to do with why it never seems to change. I’ve worked out. Eaten right. Gotten colonics. Done the whole nine yards. This is still a bit of a challenge for me, but…I’ve embraced it. Because I’ll continue to work on it. As long as I’m eating right, working out and I’m healthy, I’m good.

You see, faith is to be applied to every area of our lives. I’ve asked God to help me see faith as an opportunity to embrace things I don’t understand and still find the good in it. And trust me, that takes faith. Real faith.

What’s your faith journey been like?


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