Latest Release and See you Next Year!

Hey everyone. I know it’s been quiet on this end. Today, my second romance novel, The Cost of Love, was released under Royalty Publishing House. After this post, I’ll see you guys next year. I have so much to do before the year is out.

I just finished another television pilot about an hour ago. I’m taking a small break from novels until the new year, but I’ll always be writing. There’s a few contests I want to enter for film and TV, my other love. I can’t believe it’s November and I’ve completed 2 novels and 3 scripts, 2 of them being movies.

Five projects is a great number for the year. Do you write in more than one medium? How do you work it out? Comment below or shoot me an email.

For now, here’s the synopsis and an unedited excerpt for The Cost of Love:

The Cost of Love Synopsis

Unedited The Cost of Love Excerpt

You can purchase a copy under Books. Please, please, enjoy your holidays. Relax with family. Whatever hasn’t happened this year, trust God that the best is yet to come.

All my love,



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